Integration of Process and Project Management as a Key Aspect of Enterprise Architecture Development

  • Igor V. Ilin Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University
  • Anastasiya I. Lyovina Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University
Keywords: project management, process management, enterprise architecture


Realization of strategic goals of an enterprise should provide flexible and efficient management system, based on business architecture of a company. Strategic goals are achieved by means of business processes (as a mechanism to provide repetitive operations) and projects (as set of activities to obtain unique results). However, there is still no solution for the integration of process and project approaches that would allow modeling and managing business architecture effectively. This paper aims at developing an approach to the enterprise business – architecture formation that would allow resolving a lasting conflict between processes and projects within the management system of a company. The model of enterprise architecture developed in the paper defines the place of process and project management within enterprise architecture. The proposed process model of project management activity can be used in a process – and/or project – oriented company while developing an enterprise business process model. The choice of a particular project management method can be made by a particular decision–maker. The main results of the research are: the model of enterprise architecture including both processes and projects, the model of project management activity based on the process approach.