Barriers of School Principal’s Transformational Leadership in Change Process: Case Study of Lithuanian Schools

  • Jolanta Navickaite Kaunas University of Technology
  • Brigita Janiunaite Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: transformational leadership, school principal, implementation of changes, barriers of transformational leadership


Expectations and requirements for school and school principals have changed a lot during the recent decades. A school principal becomes responsible not only for management of school as an institution (activity planning, organizing, staffing and controlling) but also for motivation of positive microclimate change, development of school as a learning institution, student achievements and etc. Therefore, the transformational leadership asserting in principal activities of school direction determination, concentrating school community for collective activities, building relationships among all members of the school community and etc. is essential for principal, who aims for successful work. School principal’s transformational leadership in the context of change process at school can be strengthened, supported or suppressed. The authors in this article determine the barriers that school principal’s transformational leadership faces in change process at school. The article consists of three parts: according to the analysis of scientific literature in the first part the barriers of school principal’s transformational leadership in separate phases of change are distinguished, in the second part there is the research methodology of principal’s transformational leadership expression and its barriers in change process at school presented and in the third part there is given the analysis of the research results.