About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The journal ‘Social Sciences’ publishes results of research on complex social problems which require interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.
We seek to include contributions on complex issues related to individual, group, organization’s performance and its improvement, processes of integration both from a general philosophical point of view and with reference to global and local environment.
There is also a focus on articles devoted to the development of social research that contribute to improving the ways of addressing complex social issues. This distinguishes the journal among other publications in the field.

Peer Review Process

Every manuscript submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal is evaluated by two reviewers. The reviewers are selected with reference to the topic of the contribution and their own experience. The process of selecting the reviewers involves consultations with members of the Editorial Board. Attempts are made to find reviewers representing different Lithuanian universities and colleges. When no funding is available for reviewing; Lithuanian researchers in the field of the social sciences are requested to review regular contributions. When special issues of selected conference papers are published; the contributions are reviewed by the members of conference scientific committee.   The final decision is made upon a majority of votes. With reference to every manuscript; the reviewers evaluate the research problem; the extent to which it has been analysed;  definition of the aim; research methodology; relevance of research methods; relevance of conclusions with reference to the title; research problem; results of theoretical and empirical research; relevance of references. If there is discrepancy in the evaluations of two reviewers; the third reviewer  is invited. Authors receive anonymous feedback on their manuscripts and use it for revisions (if they are necessary).

Members of the Editorial Board are responsible for reviewing individual manuscripts and editing thematic issues of the journal. They take part in the Editorial Board meetings to discuss the contents of the forthcoming issues; accepted and rejected articles. 

Publication Frequency

4 quarterly issues

Open Access Policy

The information published in the journal may be used in other websites and mass media for non-commercial purposes. The journal 'Social Sciences' has to be acknowledged as the source.

Journal History

The journal was launched in 1994. The previous issues of the journal were referred to as 'Social Sciences. Educational Science', 'Social Sciences. Management', 'Social Sciences. Sociology', 'Social Sciences.Economics'.