Systemic Factors for the Formation of a Born Global R&D Intensive Firm

  • Vytaute Dlugoborskyte Kaunas University of Technology
  • Monika Petraite Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: born global, R&D intensive firm, knowledge-based entrepreneurship, enterprise


The paper aims at analysing the phenomenon of born globals in R&D intensive settings, where companies conduct international business at or near the founding of the firm and create new value for the market while transferring unique knowledge to innovative products or services through commercializing their R&D activities. Despite limited resources that usually characterize new entrepreneurial developments, these born global firms achieve substantial international sales from an early stage in their development. In many cases, knowledge intensity in these firms specifically gives rise to the emphasis on product quality and uniqueness. Born global firms rely on technological or scientific knowledge in order to develop competitive advantage which helps them project their business activities into world markets. On this basis, a born global R&D intensive entrepreneurial enterprise concept is highlighted in the article with the aim to disclose systemic factors for the formation of these companies. A comprehensive consideration of born global R&D intensive entrepreneurial enterprises is given, viewed from distinctive features of knowledge-based entrepreneurship and born global firms to their early internationalisation issues, considering conditions and factors causing such a pathway, to a theoretical grounding while creating a systemic factors portrayal for the formation of enterprises under study.