Premises for Communication of Organizational Competence in a Professional Service Firm

  • Jolita Rakickaite Kaunas University of Technology
  • Rimgaile Vaitkiene Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: professional services, organizational competence, integrated marketing communication


For the analysis of organizational competence communication at a professional service firm, the integrated marketing communication (IMC) approach has been selected. The concept, processes, and activities of integrated marketing communication (IMC) have been widely analysed in scientific literature. However, in the context of services IMC has been analysed relatively seldom, not distinguishing IMC features as a strategic business process in services. It is difficult to find scientific works in which organizational competence is analysed as an IMC object. The components of organizational competence reveal themselves through different expressions, which impedes competence communication. In this paper, the premises for the communication of organizational competence in a professional service firm are disclosed on the basis of the IMC model by Schultz and Schultz (1998), which identifies four IMC levels, distinguishing in integration proportions, processes, and activities, and shows the IMC maturity. Dealing with the context of a professional service firm, the authors of the article have supplemented each level by important activities, processes, and communication specifics of organizational competence. On each level, the premises are structured by referring to analytical, behavioural, and organizational dimensions.