Expression of the Market–oriented Positions in the Wellness Services Enterprises

Jurgita Sekliuckiene, Neringa Langviniene


Wellness services industry has been growing for a number of years in the global world. However, the development of wellness services and wellness spa tourism services is rather spontaneous in the countries which have no deep traditions or long practice in health care and wellness supply. The Lithuanian wellness services industry has been already growing very rapidly for several years. The growing supply of the wellness services influences competition in the market, more rapid response to competitor’s actions and the changing needs and expectations of the customers. That is why companies need to have a market – oriented position. The market – oriented position would make presumptions for successful positioning of the companies. The current paper presents the dimensions of services enterprises’ market orientation. These dimensions explain the market–oriented position of the company. The expression of the market–oriented position is revealed in the Lithuanian wellness services sector, acting under market conditions. Only commercial wellness services enterprises in Kaunas district have been chosen as an object for investigation. Theoretical and empirical research is beneficial for the wellness sector companies when strengthening not only the competitive advantage but also the position in the market.



market–oriented positioning; customer–oriented positioning; inter–functional–oriented positioning; competitors–oriented positioning; wellness services

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Print ISSN: 1392-0758
Online ISSN: 2029-7319