Educating Social Entrepreneurs as Agents for Inclusive Innovation

Brigita Janiunaite, Edita Gelbudiene


During the last decade great attention is paid to a social organization, social entrepreneur by pointing out that they strive to work for the welfare of the society by solving social problems in unconventional, creative, innovative and effective ways. Seeking social goals and creation of social value are the main features of social entrepreneurship (Peredo and McLean, 2006). With reference to social entrepreneurs, who work or will work in the public sector, it is necessary to emphasize education and/or self-education of social entrepreneurs. The article addresses the following research question: what challenges emerge for entrepreneurship education of non-business students/social entrepreneurs considering the features of social entrepreneur’s? The main research methods are research literature analysis and individual in-depth interview. The first part of the article discloses the concepts of social entrepreneurship, social inclusions and inclusive innovation; the second part provides rationale for social entrepreneur’s features, whereas the third part presents strategies for the education of social entrepreneurs.



social entrepreneurs; inclusive innovation; social inclusion; education for entrepreneurship

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Print ISSN: 1392-0758
Online ISSN: 2029-7319