Cross-Cultural Interactions between Expatriates and Local Managers in the Light of Positive Organizational Behaviour

Sylwia Przytuła, Małgorzata Rozkwitalska, Michał Chmielecki, Łukasz Sułkowski, Beata A. Basinska


The main purpose of this article is to identify the ‘individual positive deviance’ presented by expatriates and local managers in their mutual cooperation. The theoretical basis for the publication is the discussion of the Positive Organizational Behaviour (POB) essence and the application of this approach in the area of expatriation. Attitudes, behaviour, working style and personality traits of employees of different nationalities and cultures undoubtedly influence the efficient pursuit of business objectives. Empirical knowledge refers to the research concerning mutual positive perception of Polish managers and expats working in subsidiaries of foreign companies established in Poland.

The research in the form of structured interviews was carried out on two groups of managers: 27 expatriate managers working in Poland and 31 Polish managers who cooperate with expatriates during their everyday work.

The research findings proved that the individual positives of expatriates from the Polish managers’ point of view are: openness to other people and other cultures, cognitive curiosity, sociability and willingness to share knowledge. According to expats, Polish managers are hard-working, dedicated and desired for continuous learning. In interpersonal relationships Polish managers are open, warm and friendly; their approach to many issues is very emotional.



cross-cultural (intercultural) interactions; Positive Organizational Behaviour; expatriates

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Print ISSN: 1392-0758
Online ISSN: 2029-7319