Managerial Communication and Related Variables in a Food Retail Chain


  • Junona Almonaitiene Kaunas University of Technology
  • Deividas Zukauskas Kaunas University of Technology



Drawing on the literature analysis, two sides of managerial communication may be identified: information sharing practices and interpersonal interaction skills. Both of them were assessed empirically and evaluated as average by the employees in the case of a retail chain. The estimate of overall managerial communication was not significantly related to other variables chosen for the research: trust in the supervisor, workplace atmosphere, job satisfaction and organizational identification. But empathetic listening of manager was significantly related to trust. Also, downward job and operational informing significantly negatively related to active listening. Thus, some information sharing practices may be contradictory to key interpersonal interaction skills. This may be the focus of further research. Phone calls and e-mail were indicated as the media most commonly used in managerial communication, but e-mail was the least preferred by the employees. The results of the research may be applicable in organizations of a similar type.







Significance of Communication in Contemporary Business