Programmes of Occupational Activation of Prisoners Realised in Poland – Specific Character, Significance and Review of Selected Examples


  • Daria Becker-Pestka Gdańsk School of Banking



The article presents programmes of convicts’ occupational activation that are realised in Poland, their specific character and significance discussed on the selected examples. The programmes are often of original character, and they are realised in penitentiary institutions. The projects aim to prepare prisoners for life after they leave prisons and for looking for employment efficiently. It is important for convicts to regain a sense of control over their life. Employment prevents them from returning to prison, provides sufficient financial means and contributes to regaining a sense of social usefulness and individual value. Making an effort to provide innovative solutions for occupational activation of prisoners may bring a number of benefits for convicts and for the whole society. The value of applied solutions may be defined not only from the emotional, family and social points of view, but also regarding the economic aspect.







Dissemination of Good Practice: Case Study