The links between competences acquired through interdisciplinary studies and the needs of the labour market


  • Nijole Putriene Kaunas University of Technology



The complexity of competences required by the labour market has made it necessary to change the traditional patterns of education. An assumption can be made that students could develop competences that are required by the market through interdisciplinary studies and team-teaching in that. For this reason, the question asked in this paper is what competences necessary for the labour market are developed through interdisciplinary studies and team-teaching. The paper uses the method of literature review. It has been found that interdisciplinary studies that involve team-teaching enable students to acquire such skills as applying multi-perspective approach to problem-solving, accepting different points of view and thinking ‘outside the box‘. Students learn to build new and expand existing knowledge, accept and provide constructive feedback as well as express their own opinion. These competences are highly important in the contemporary working world; therefore, it can be stated that the implementation of such studies opens the way to a successful career of the graduates.







Changes in Higher Education