The Concept and the Level of Virtualization in Contemporary Companies (Based on the Example of Polish Firms)


  • Tomasz Janicki Toruń School of Banking
  • Wojciech Popławski Habilitated Doctor in Management
  • Urszula Słupska Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz



This article addresses the phenomenon of virtualization of economic activity. It is considered in the article in the context of the concept of virtual organizations that is already recognised in the subject literature. The theoretical basis of the publication is therefore a reflection on the essence of a virtual organization, its characteristics and the ability to analyse the profile and the level of the virtualization of today’s companies. A virtual organization is seen here as a specific form of organizing cooperation among independent companies in the contemporary business world. The practical part of the article is based on the results of research that allowed empirical verification of the theoretical considerations. The study covered companies operating within the territory of the Republic of Poland. The outcome of the research conducted allowed determining the level of virtualization in the surveyed companies. The characteristics of the virtualization process of the surveyed companies was created.







Organizations in the Virtual World