The Use of Financial Information by Polish Donors


  • Halina Waniak-Michalak Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management
  • Zarzycka Ewelina University of Lodz



The aim of this article is to examine whether the financial information predominant in the statements drawn up for donors by Public Benefit Organisations (PBO) are used by the former when choosing the organisation to transfer 1% of their income tax too. The objective is implemented by conducting a survey among individual donors in Poland.

The obtained results show that donors take the decision to support a given organisation with 1% of their income tax to little extent relying on financial information. However, one of the greatest limitation of the study was the structure of the sample that consisted of only 236 persons.

The results of studies can help the legislator to develop reporting standards for PBOs and can help PBOs to create achievement measurement systems. The research is trying to identify the information and financial indicators that would be understandable to the majority of Polish taxpayers and whose publication would make it possible to compare those organisations with each other. It is important because, in majority of post-communist countries, there are currently no clearly defined rules and indicators according to which one could evaluate PBOs.







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