Deinstitutionalization of Practice – a Trigger of Organizational Change in the Internationalization Process of Companies

  • Zofia Patora-Wysocka University of Social Sciences


The paper addresses the deinstitutionalization of practice from the processual perspective. Practice deinstitutionalization is a relatively new cognitive concept in management that is inherent in the processual approach. This paper presents its theoretical and empirical aspects. The research goal is to recognize the process of deinstitutionalization in the internationalization context. The study draws on the case study method. The process of deinstitutionalization is initiated by deinstitutionalizing pressures, which may stem from either the internal or external environment of the organization. Deinstitutionalization pressures gave rise to entropy in the studied organization, which resulted in giving up a key business area. The deinstitutionalization of practice may stimulate new practice development and the institutionalization of new organizational schemas of action.


Miscellaneous Organizational Issues