Proactivity in Shaping Young People’s Career


  • Anna Mazurkiewicz University of Rzeszow



The aim of the article is to determine the level of proactivity of young people in the context of their careers, as a result of proactive behaviour assessment.

The proactive behaviours of the employees are important factors of individual’s career success, as a consequence of changes in the professional sphere. The proactive behaviours are especially important during the transition from the studies onto the employment market – the decisions taken at this time have a significant impact on the future course of a career.

The research was conducted on a group of students making a transition from studies onto a job market. The results showed that young people take action to start a career, but the level of their proactivity is varied. They act more proactively in the case of general determinants of the economic activity. Where it is necessary to clarify plans for their future careers, they have less initiative and commitment to action.







Workforce Challenge – Theory, Research And Practical Issues